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“Aravaipa’s value to the community comes not only from its investment focus of 
‘only-Colorado, only-Cleantech’ , but also from Robert’s and Tim’s active engagement with the many companies in their investment portfolio. We’re really lucky to have them in Colorado.”

Impact + financial Return

Aravaipa is the rare fund that combines the values of Impact Investing with the excitement, financial potential and global impact of early-stage Technology. Aravaipa Investors can expect both the high financial returns of technology investments and the high social and environmental impact of Impact Investing.
Financial Return: Aravaipa invests in companies that are developing, manufacturing, and bringing to market advanced technologies. Like all good technology companies, these companies are expected to scale rapidly, profitably and globally – as opposed to most other types of businesses that have considerable geographic, capital or human barriers to profitable growth.
Environmental Impact: each of the Technologies we invest in will contribute to a more efficient use of the world’s limited resources – providing a profound environmental impact. Uniquely the Environmental Impact of Aravaipa is at the core of its products, ensuring long term Impact compliance.
Social Impact: Aravaipa “Impacts Globally, but Acts Locally.” Aravaipa companies not only create high quality jobs, train employees and work with local suppliers, but also locate factories in low-income areas of the State and work with community development leaders.